A Look Back on 2015

Whoa. What a year. 

I’m someone who tends to look at the glass half empty, but it’s hard to feel discontent when looking at back some of my favorite images from 2015. Each image makes me smile and remember a special day, trip, or person. Looking back at pictures from this year reminds me how special the art of photography really is. Earlier this year, I decided to stop making up every excuse in the book to not pursue photography, and I picked up my camera and started shooting again. I’m thankful to have met so many lovely and encouraging people over this past year, including models, fellow photographers and artists. I have been able to work with talented individuals, travel and shoot in beautiful locations, and learn more through the help of others and experimentation. Taking photographs feels like a gift to me because it’s more than just saving a moment in history. Photography has helped open my mind to endless possibilities, its helped me break out of my shell, and appreciate a mixed bag of individuals from various walks of life. Picking up my camera is one of the best decision I’ve made this year.

This year has brought about a variety of wonderful and difficult circumstances. Along with pursuing art again, this year I graduated college in the spring(finally!). Later in the summer, I had the opportunity to  travel to some of the most breathtaking places including swimming off the coast of Hawaii, watching the Northern Lights in Canada, and going on various camping trips with some my closest friends. And while so many magical memories have been made, there have definitely been sprits of insecurity, self doubt, and disappointments along the way. God has been a constant rock through every up and down, and my faith has become more real and evolved through every season. I find myself relearning patience and gratitude on the daily. But I believe hard times help us really discover who are, and I have found that going through struggles has made me appreciate life in a different way. 

So, cheers to growth and change! Let’s do this, 2016. 

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.” - Bob Goff

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